Foundation Governance

Excellence in Governance

A well-governed Foundation is integral to achieving the long-term vision of the West Valley-Mission Community College District. 

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We value transparency.

The West Valley-Mission Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization and an auxiliary of the West Valley-Mission Community College District. We value transparency in all areas of governance.

Foundation Board of Directors

  • Bill Cooper, President
  • Keith Balch, Vice President
  • Bill McFarland, Treasurer
  • Melissa Johns, Secretary
  • Jackie Costanzo
  • Alison Davis
  • Len Duncan
  • Dave Fishbaugh
  • Mike Foulkes
  • Daniel Furtado
  • Frank Jewett II
  • Dave Sandretto
  • Dan Schettler
  • Mark Waxman
  • Bradley Davis, Chancellor
  • Seher Awan, Mission College President
  • Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, West Valley College President

Board of Directors Core Values and Beliefs 

We the members of the Board of Directors of the West Valley-Mission Community College District Foundation believe that: 

  • Education is essential to success. 
  • Our Foundation's success depends upon active, committed board members. 
  • Quality must chartacterize everything the Foundation undertakes. 
  • Board member networking in communities and workplace is critical. 
  • Every board member can make a difference. 
  • Community colleges are essential to the economic and social well-being of Santa Clara County and the State of California. 
  • West Valley and Mission Colleges foster excellence and innovation. Both colleges are unique and deserving of private support. 
  • Promoting the accomplishments and needs of West Valley and Mission Colleges inspires people to give.  
  • Attending quarterly board meetings and periodic committee meetings is an integral responsibility for Foundation board members.

The Foundation Board members realize what an impact access to education makes and are dedicated to our mission of improving lives throughout generations in our community.  It’s an honor to continue and improve over time.
Bill Cooper
President, West Valley-Mission Foundation Board of Directors

West Valley-Mission Community College District Trustees 

The West Valley-Mission Community College District is governed by a seven-member Board. Elected by Trustee Area, Board members serve four-year terms.  Elections take place in even-numbered years, with three members chosen at one election and four members at the next. 

  • Karl Watanabe
  • Robert Owens
  • Anne Kepner
  • Randi Kinman
  • Jack Lucas
  • Adrienne Grey
  • Susan Fish
  • Mary-Lynne Bernald

Financial Transparency 

Linked below is a five-year archive of audited financial statements and Form 990 tax returns for the West Valley-Mission Foundation. Contact us to request a printed copy of these files.

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes