Keeping College Affordable

The need to earn money is the #1 reason students leave college.

Support scholarships to help keep students from abandoning their college dream in order to earn a paycheck.

Scholarship recipient with her kid

Keep College Within Reach

Many of our students are not the “typical” 18-22-year-old fresh out of high school. They are single parents, full-time employees, and adults seeking to change careers to build a better life for their families. While our tuition is a fraction of what most colleges cost, it’s money many of our students do not have. Add the expense of books, transportation and the cost of living in Silicon Valley, and it quickly becomes too much, despite their desire to pursue higher education.  

Scholarships allow students to stay in school, stay in their communities and stay on their chosen path towards a college degree or certificate. Your life-altering scholarship gift can free them to focus on their education without the added stress of mounting debt and without having to wonder whether their education is worth the sacrifices to their families. 

  • 54%
    of students drop out of college because they are unable to balance work and school
  • 79%
    of students delay their graduations due to financial difficulties
  • $21k
    on average, college dropouts earn $21,000 less per year than their college graduate counterparts
Kiely Combs

A scholarship from West Valley College helped keep her education affordable.

Kiely Combs is determined to be a teacher who makes a difference in our community.

Ready to establish a scholarship?

You can establish a named scholarship and determine the selection criteria so that it reflects your values and interests. Some of the common preferences include setting minimum GPA, a specific course of study, student background and career interests.

The minimum donation amount for a named expendable scholarship is $1,500.  The West Valley-Mission Foundation charges no gift administration fees for expendable scholarships. If you wish to continue offering your named scholarship year after year, your annual donation must be received by December 31 to replenish your scholarship fund. We also offer the opportunity to establish endowed scholarship funds, which give you the ability to create a scholarship in perpetuity with a single gift of $25,000 or more.

Each May, the Foundation hosts an annual Scholarship Celebration luncheon to honor the scholarship recipients and invite donors to meet the students whose lives are touched by their generosity.  


I was so pleased to get your letter and the details of this year's scholarship award recipient. It's so wonderful to hear their stories and it gives me such delight to be able to help out students in need. 
Angel Cordero Johnson
Scholarship Endowment Donor

Alyce Parsons fuels the future of fashion design with student scholarships

When Frances received her scholarship award for her outstanding work as a fashion design major, she learned it was much more than money. It was Alyce Parsons' vote of confidence in her art and her future as a designer.

Alyce Parsons and Scholarship Recipient