Environmental Sustainability

We who live in the heart of innovation and scientific discovery share an obligation to protect our planet.

Help us prepare the next generation of environmental activists, scientists, conservationists and problem-solvers.

Engineering Class at Mission College

A Green Investment

As you consider where to invest your philanthropic dollars, it may not seem obvious that donating to the West Valley-Mission Community College District is an investment in a more sustainable future. We’re here to show you why there’s no better investment. 

Demand for Environmental Education

Today's college students are laser focused on the future of our planet. Studies show an overwhelming majority of students say that their feelings around climate change will now influence the career they plan to pursue in some way. In addition to pursuing a career that actively tackles climate change, students are interested in working in sustainability, scientific research, conservation, environmental policy and advocacy. To meet this demand, we are commited to providing classroom and fieldwork experiences that help students pursue their passion and explore their educational and career options.

Stephanas Avila-Guzman is an environmental leader in the making.

This first-generation college student is taking action now and gaining the skills and experience she needs to make her career about creating a more sustainable world.

“If we don't take action saving our planet now, everything will be gone within a matter of years, and it will no longer be relevant."
-Stephanas Avila-Guzman, Mission College Student

Mission College student Stephanas Avila-Guzman

Silicon Valley Power partnership invests in green jobs workforce pipeline.

The Silicon Valley Power Sustainability Scholarship Award was created at Mission College to inspire students who intend to pursue careers in sustainability or clean energy, and who show strong leadership potential and commitment to climate goals.

silicon valley power table at mission college eco fair

We don't just talk the talk. We lead by example.

Across both West Valley and Mission College campuses, we are implementing projects to conserve energy and natural resources while reducing our carbon footprint. To minimize campus impact on the environment, all new buildings are built using the latest in green technology and sustainable materials. With these efforts, the district is taking strides toward a more sustainable future while involving our students, knowing they will lead us into a greener tomorrow.

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Eco Fair Highlights Careers in Sustainability

As a champion for environmental sustainability, Mission College hosts an Annual Eco Fair for its students. We welcome environmental organizations and companies that are eager to recruit for internships and professional opportunities. When students passionate about sustainability match up with the employers that need their talent, it's a win-win for the planet.

Contact us to become an ECO Fair Sponsor.

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