Mental Health and Wellness

Mental health is a key ingredient in the recipe for academic achievement.

Yet, in the past ten years, depression and anxiety among college students has risen precipitously. Partner with us to help students identify, normalize, and destigmatize mental health issues so they can stay on the path to academic and career success.

Mental Health Frame Sign

American college students are in crisis.

Across the country, the rate of college students reporting a mental health diagnosis is on the rise. The reasons for the sharp increase are varied and legitimate. From academic burnout caused by the increased competition to get into college to social media and the 24/7 news cycle that seems to offer little hope for the future, the stresses of adulthood have only become more pronounced.

Our students, who are working to gain independence and self-sufficiency in one of the most expensive housing and competitive job markets in the world, face additional stress. Those struggling to understand their sexual orientation and gender and those experiencing challenges specific to their race or ethnic identities can feel particularly overwhelmed and vulnerable.

Our proactive approach

We know that mental and emotional well-being is essential to our students’ long-term health and success. That’s why from the moment a student enrolls, sometimes for the first time in their lives, they have access to free, confidential, one-on-one counseling as well as no-cost mental health screening for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse and other mental health issues that can stand in the way of their wellbeing. We encourage students to seek counseling whether their concerns are big or small so that they can develop the tools they need to stay on track during their time on campus and beyond.

  • 1/3
    Less than 1/3 of young adults 18-24 suffering from anxiety or depression seek treatment.
  • #2
    Death by suicide is the second leading cause of death among young adults.
  • 60%
    60% of American college students have a mental health diagnosis.

Free and Accessible Health Care Matters

Health plays a huge role in student achievement. Unhealthy students are more likely to miss class and struggle academically, which then leads to lower retention and success rates. Our on-campus clinics provide basic health care and help connect students to the community resources available to meet their larger health needs.

Far too many uninsured and low-income young adults suffer from illness or chronic disease that goes unchecked or undiagnosed because they simply cannot afford to see a doctor. Your support opens the door to quality health services for our students, and connects them to a broader network of trusted partners there to help them stay healthy and on track to meeting their academic and career goals.
Your gifts help us provide the following clinical services to any student in need, at no-cost.
  • Lab tests and blood pressure checks 
  • Vaccinations such as MMR, Tdap, Hep B, Flu, HPV
  • Condoms, pregnancy tests, and emergency contraception
  • First Aid, symptomatic care, and prescription medication for things like urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted infection, strep infection and more.
  • Basic needs items such as oral hygiene, shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Help us serve every student who walks through our door

Mental Health Mondays

The stigma surrounding mental health issues can keep our students from accessing the powerful, life-saving resources we offer. To normalize and destigmatize mental health issues, Mission College launched Mental Health Mondays, a 12-week campaign to spread awareness and to offer practical tools to help students on their journey to emotional wellbeing. Weekly clases led by our Health Services counselors cover issues relevant to our students, including transitioning from isolation back to school, understanding and accepting the value of their emotions, the importance of rituals, practicing gratitude, and setting healthy boundaries.

students talking in mental health t shirts