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The communities we live in impact our lives more than any other place in the world. If you're looking to improve the lives of those around you, partner with our community colleges. From training more essential workers to removing barriers to economic mobility to protecting the planet, our work touches the causes you care about most, both here at home and on a global level. 

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Essential Worker Shortage

California’s essential workforce is facing severe shortages across the healthcare, first responder, and early education sectors. Our colleges are helping to keep essential workers in our communities while lighting a path to financial stability and career advancement for students.

Nursing Assistant Graduation

Equity and Social Justice

Without access to community college there is no equity in higher education. Our colleges are committed to advancing and embodying equity and social justice in all that we do. We invite you to partner with us to build a more just and equitable society.

West Valley College students

Basic Needs and Emergency Assistance

No student should have their education knocked off track because of housing or food insecurity. Unexpected burdens that might be considered a minor bump in the road to students with financial security can completely derail a student who has no safety cushion. With fully-stocked food pantries, ride-share vouchers, career closets, and so much more, we help meet students' basic needs and step in when the unexpected gets in the way of their academic progress.

Roots Food Pantry Student Shopper

Environmental Sustainability

Today's college students share a common understanding that their generation will be tasked with designing and implementing the sustainable solutions needed to save our planet. Partner with us to prepare the next generation of environmental activists, scientists, conservationists and problem-solvers.

West Valley College Native Plant Garden

Mental Health and Wellness

American college students are in crisis. Over the last decade, depression and anxiety among college students has risen precipitously. Our colleges take a holistic approach, meeting students where they are and giving them the critical support they need. From free mental health screenings to one-on-one counseling to referrals to community support organizations, our health services team is a vital lifeline to student wellness.

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College Affordability

Community college students makeup a richly diverse tapestry of backgrounds and circumstances. Here you will find "traditional" college students straight out of high school, but you will also find single parents, full-time employees, adults seeking to change careers, English language learners, and all kinds of other people hoping to build a better life for their families. While our tuition is a fraction of what most colleges cost, it’s money many of our students do not have. Add to that the high cost of living in Silicon Valley, and it quickly becomes too much. We are committed to keeping college affordable and within reach. 

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