A Lasting Impact

Help future generations of students get a high-quality, affordable education and allow our colleges to make even greater contributions to the strength of our community.

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Imagine making a contribution that leaves a legacy for generations to come. That's what an endowment gift can do. 

When we receive your donation to establish a new endowment, the entirety of your gift is invested in the West Valley-Mission Foundation’s investment fund. In accordance with your wishes, we use only the income generated from the investment to support a specific purpose in perpetuity. We don't touch the gift principal.

The West Valley-Mission Foundation holds endowment funds designed to support a variety of needs including specific college programs, facilities, and student scholarships. Unlike gifts expended upon receipt, an endowed gift keeps giving over time. 

What makes endowment gifts so meaningful?

Endowments allow our college leaders to utilize a reliable stream of earnings to strengthen and enhance the quality of their programs. By making endowed gifts, donors help ensure the long-term well-being of our colleges because endowments allow us to make commitments far into the future, knowing that resources to meet those commitments will continue to be available.

How do I establish an Endowment?

By partnering with the Advancement Team, you can shape the purpose of your endowment and the parameters of its use over time. Whether you'd like to support a specific program, academic discipline, or set up a scholarship in perpetuity, we can help you achieve your giving goals. 

Endowment Purpose Minimum Gift Amount
Named Scholarship Endowment $25,000
Named Program Support Endowment $100,000
Named Faculty or Staff Position $1,500,000

How do Scholarship Endowments work?

Your donation of $25,000 or more creates a scholarship in perpetuity. Based on our investment policies, we aim to distribute annual scholarship awards equivalent to 4% of the endowment's value. For example, an endowment valued at $25,000 produces $1,000 in scholarship support annually. More gifts can be made to the endowment over time, and as the value of the endowment grows, so too do the size of the scholarship gifts we distribute.

Donors who establish named scholarships can determine the selection criteria for their scholarship. Some of the common preferences include setting minimum GPA, a specific course of study, student background, etc. In this way, donors can personalize their donation so that the scholarship reflects their own values. Outside of setting up the initial scholarship selection criteria, donors are not involved in the scholarship recipient selection process.

The West Valley-Mission Foundation has more than 100 endowed funds under investment.

Search our listing of existing endowments to learn about how these funds bring about a profound impact.

Ostrus Family
Steven Dinger

By establishing an endowed scholarship at Mission College, Steven Dinger's dedication to his students lives on.

Audrey Ellis wanted a way to honor her husband's memory.